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Damian Kutryb

Damian Kutryb – Owner of GFFdamian Dance Studio and founder of European Online Pole Dancing Competition and GFFdamian Pole Camp has been Pole Dancing since 2013 and fell in love with it immediately. He practiced Pole Dance regularly at home and in classes and is still picking up new moves and styles to improve his standard.
– Winner of International Pole Idol 2016
– 2nd Mr Pole Fitness UK Champion 2017
– Best Entertainer Award – Mr Pole Fitness UK Championships 2017
– Winner of JLN UK Pole Championships 2017
– Best Entertainer Award – JLN UK Pole Championships 2017
– Mister Gay Warsaw / Parady Ròwności 2017
– Mr Gay Poland 2017 Finalist
– Mr Gay Poland Digital 2017
– Mr Gay Poland Photo 2017
– Mr Gay Poland Public Voting 2017
Experienced Pole Sport Judge. Qualified X-pole Pole Fitness Instructor. Damian is strong, has fantastic flexibility and is extremely advanced, he can make a basic pole move look like contortion!
As well as Pole Dancing/Fitness Damian is also an experienced teacher of Aerial Hoop and Aerobics.
Damian has featured in British media on tv and tabloids. He danced at the Jimmy`s Carr show the `8 out of 10 cats does countdown` and he featured in Documentaries called the `Pole, Pride&Prejudice`, `Success abroad`for Discovery Channel+.
He does teaches the workshops Internationally.


Artur Biernat

His adventure with dance began at the age of 6. He took his first steps in the ballroom dancing, later came disco dance, contemporary and new style.
With a wide range of dance workshops in which he participated in and under the watchful eye of professional dancers he improved his qualifications and dancing skills.
Currently he is an instructor and choreographer of Latino dance and Pole dance.
Artur is full of energy and enthusiasm. Because of the feeling he puts into classes people perceive him positively.
He is energetic, subtle, sensual and full of passion and dedication. He pays considerable attention to the technical aspects of the dance.
His skills were used in numerous fashion shows, for example: a wedding fair in Olsztyn in which he participated as a model.
Artur trained in Olsztyn with some great dance groups which scored high in tournaments (STEP – disco dance group, Damn Dancers –new style dance group, TENDO –afro dance group).
From 2006 to 2010 he was an instructor and choreographer at the Pavlovic – Masterdance Academy in Olsztyn, Ostroda and Morag.
In 2008 he trained with a group TENDO – African dance group
His dancing skills were noticed by Mr Michael Tiburon from Dance Academy Masterdance in Birmingham United Kingdom, where in May 2011 he was giving workshops.
In 2011 he began coaching at the School Wasilewski-Felska in Olsztyn and the School of Art in Elk, where he taught Latin dance.
For the past two years Pole dance has been his new passion.

Sandra Majewska

is a GFFdamian student turned instructor who has passed every level in both static and spin Pole Dancing classes. Sandra is a big fan of spinning pole and all her classes are centred around them.She has now been pole dancing for over 2 years. She wants to pass on her enthusiasm and love of dance to her students so they can feel sexy and confident with themselves. In her words ‘I’m Addicted to Pole dancing because it’s the only sport where you can wear short shorts and stripper heels and still get an amazing workout while feeling sexy and having fun!’ Sandra currently teaches the Beginner and Sexy Exotic Pole classes in Polish and English language. Quliefied Xpole Xpert Instructor from 2015.

– I European Online Pole Dancing Competition 2015/2016 – Winner of Public voting


Diana Alfaro

Has pole danced for about 2 years now and is particularly inspired by the combination of flexible tricks and sensual moves. What got her into pole was the desire for a sport that would challenge her but still keep her flexible and fit – and pole gave her just that. Diana love to tangle herself up in increasingly awkward positions, exploring the possibilities of the human form! If you would like to improve your flexibility her classes are designed for you. Diana currently teaches the Beginner and Intermediate pole classes, aerial hoop and chair dance classes in English and Spanish language. Qulified Xpole Xpert Instructor from 2015.

– IPFS Championships 2017 – Semifinalist

– Midlands Championships 2017 – Finalist

– MetalPoleRock Show 2016

– I European Online Pole Dancing Competition 2015/2016 – Finalist

Bethany Minors

Beth began pole dancing way back in 2011, and in doing so began the greatest journey of her life! She fell in love with pole dancing because it can be powerful, beautiful and artistic all at the same time. Beth loves any moves that show off her strength as she is a firm believer that strong is the new sexy! Figuring out new ways to link moves together is one of her favourite challenges as she is a confident freestyler, simply going where the music takes her. Beth is an experienced performer, having pole danced at numerous gigs, festivals and showcases over the years. She is super excited to join GFFDamian’s family and share her knowledge and passion with students on their own pole journeys!


David Koziol

David started dancing when he was 18 years old, a bit late but it did not stop his dream of becoming a good dancer. He currently is an instructor in hop-hop and street dance, and for the last few years has been developing his skills in specific styles like vogue and wacking. He is a very positive person with a great sense of humour and a lot of energy. David always has a smile on his face He values good training and hard work with people he is working with. He always wants to help everyone and has a desire to ensure everyone achieves their goals together. David strives to be the best at everything he does and always gives 110%.


alluraChristina (Allura)

Christina has been pole dancing for over five years now, learning in her early years at the famous Bobbis Pole Studio in Australia. She has two years experience teaching pole and is very particular in technique, extension, beautiful lines and pointed toes. She loves all the bendy and splitty tricks! Her favourite style of pole is sexy/exotic pole dance, and a few of her biggest pole inspirations are Felicity Logan, Bailey Day and Eva Bembo. Recently moving to Manchester, Christina is excited to join the GFFdamian family and share her passion and knowledge for pole!

– Miss Pole Dance UK 2017 – Finalist





Kitty Velour

Kitty is a stripper style pole dancer and exotic showgirl having developed her own style of movement which includes twerking, slinky floorwork and split drops. She has also won two national competitions and is renowned for her freestyle skills, raw sexual energy and stage presence. Kitty has performed in a wide array of cabaret, circus and pole shows in a variety of disciplines including pole, hoop, burlesque, twerk and other various styles of dance. Kitty is a floorwork specialist and teaches her dance workshops all over the country and the world! Kitty teaches twerk classes at our studio.

– Winner of the Authentic Pole Dance Competition 2016

– Winner of the Supreme Poledown Competition 2017

– 3x Dance Filthy Finalist


Julia Evans

Julia is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Manchester based yoga teacher (RYT-200), offering classes in Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga. She began with theatre. It wasn’t until much later that she discovered yoga, and when she did, it completely changed the way shecould imagined her life. She had always been mad about theatre, acting in particular. She studied hard and wound up with a BA in Drama and an MA in Theatre for Young Audiences. Then came the touring. Now she teaches yoga classes at our Studio.



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